Writing to your MP


Tips for writing to your MP 

You must include your full name and address, so that your MP knows you are their constituent. There are rules that prevent MPs dealing with people who live in the constituency of other MPs unless it relates to, for example, their role as a government minister. You can write to your MP and ask them to raise issues with ministers or other bodies on your behalf.

You can write to them by email; there’s no need to send a hard copy letter. You can get their contact details from Find Your MP.  We’ve got some sample letters to give you inspiration (see links below) – please personalise your letter as that really makes a difference.

Your MP receives letters and emails from constituents all the time. It may take them a number of weeks to get back to you so consider also telephoning their constituency office or tweeting them if you are making them aware of something with a deadline in the near future.

If you have a specific action you would like them to take, be explicit. Do you want them to write to another organisation (from your local NHS Trust/CCG to a branch of government) or to attend an event?

You can ask to meet with your MP when they are in the constituency. They will hold surgeries on various dates and there can be a several week wait for an appointment. It can be very powerful to request a face to face appointment and share your story/ask them to help.


Types of letter you may want to send to your MP about lipoedema

  1. You might want to make your MP generally aware of the lack of NHS services and recognition for lipoedema
  2. You might want to tell your MP about the good care that you receive at your local lymphoedema clinic, and make them aware that women with lipoedema do not have access to lymphoedema services all over the UK.
  3. You might want to tell your MP that you live in an area without lymphoedema services and so have issues in receiving appropriate NHS care.
  4. You might want to make your MP aware that there is only one dr in the UK performing lipoedema liposuction on the UK and the issues that such restricted access provides (you can add this to letter 2 or 3, or send a separate letter, if you would like to raise both these issues).   If you have funded your own liposuction, or been unable to, it will be good to explain this to them.  
  5. You might want to ask your MP to take specific actions around events – look out for information from us or other relevant organisations on topical news and events to contact your MP about.


Template letters for writing to your MP

Below are links to various template letter which are available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. They can be used to produce printed letters or emails. Click on a link to download the template letter.

In these templates there are a number of areas where you can add more details/personalise the letter. These are described in text placed in square brackets and should be replaced with your personal content. Delete all the brackets and bold text before sending your letter/email.

  • General Lipoedema MP letter/email template – in Microsoft Word / in PDF format. A general letter that you could send to your MP at any time.
  • Spring 2019 news campaign MP letter/email template – in Microsoft Word / in PDF format. This letter ties in with our recent survey on the difficulties faced by women living with lipoedema.
  • NHS Lipoedema provision MP letter/email template – in Microsoft Word / in PDF format. This letter offers you examples and options for describing the lack of NHS services in your area, or the good services that you have access to, and the restrictions on liposuction funding on the NHS.