Lipoedema UK’s Conference 2017

A huge success –

Thank you to all who attended!

Photos from the 2017 Conference



“First time at the Lipoedema UK conference and my first year of diagnosis. I’d love to convey my thanks to the team who run it. They are totally selfless, hard-working and in earnest about promoting knowledge, assurance and – yes, friendship. I felt so alone before this weekend.I am soooo grateful that I have met other people, clinicians as well as ‘patients’. So many people sharing ideas, advice, confidence. I bet you are familiar with the story – I think I’ve had the condition for 40 years and have always been told to lose weight round my legs. Having tried hard, I went crazy in the gym and consequently damaged my achilles tendon on 3 different occasions at the gym. As a consequence, I had to stop & that was when the condition really kicked in. I went back to the GP, desperate for pain relief. The duty GP just happened to have been on the RCGP course for lipoedema and identified it. I’d never heard of it. How lucky was that? I’d still be none the wiser if I hadn’t seen her. What a learning curve I’ve had this year and I still have a lot of catching up to do”.